Mid-size Firm Highlights

Availability: In all 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories

Coverage: Admitted, with an A rated carrier

Target risks: Architectural and engineering firms annual billings between $500,000 and $5 million 

Deductible: Starting at $5,000   

Limits: Up to $5 million 

Eligible firms must have

  • A licensed principal or partner
  • Acceptable loss ratio

Policy features

  • Broad protection: 
    • Pollution
    • Abestos
    • Equity interest
  • Experienced claims services:
    • Specialist dedicated to A&E professional liability insurance
    • Submit claims via toll-free number
    • Email access to claims specialist
  • Risk management services:
    • Free contract reviews typically with 24-hour turnaround  
    • Self-study course (VEP) with continuing education credits
    • Special risk management publications
  • First dollar defense as a deductible option
  • Punitive damages coverage where allowed by law
  • Up to two separate specific additional limits endorsements on a policy at one time
  • 5 Percent risk mitigation credit if you meet our eligibility criteria
  • 5 Percent premium credit for AIA/NSPE members
  • Longevity credit for firms that have left the Schinnerer program and wish to return   

New Policy Form Enhancements

  • Pollution liability coverage: pollution coverage for the insured and pollution liability for a firm
  • Rectification expense coverage
  • Supplementary payments, crisis event expenses, disciplinary proceedings and benefits increased

Learn more about how the new A&E policy form can benefit mid-size firms. 

Competitive Premiums

Schinnerer offers competitive premiums for all classes of business, especially for architects and civil engineers that perform the following services:

  • feasibility studies
  • projects that may have been abandoned
  • non-structural interior design
  • landscape architecture
  • land surveying

We also provide competitive premiums for international work (excluding Canada), construction management or facilities management. 

We encourage you to use a Schinnerer application, however if you choose to use a non-Schinnerer application, please complete the following Billing Questionnaire and send it along with your completed application to vos.Design@Schinnerer.com.

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