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Using Social Media and Video to Build Your Brand

Stand Out From the Crowd

All companies, large or small, want their brand to stand out amongst the crowd. By now, I'm sure most people know that strong logos, colors and slogans are the traditional methods used to do so. But in our increasingly technologically advanced world, these methods don't always cut it. Instead of being ahead of the crowd, you're just standing with them. Many companies find themselves asking what can they do to build a brand that stands out amongst the competition.

Here's a couple of suggestions:

  1. Develop a social media presence.  The world is becoming smaller in terms of the way we communicate. LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter are becoming more popular by the second. Nowadays, when a customer wants to know more about a company he/she goes straight to the internet and your website is not the only place they are checking. They want to know how connected you are to your customer. Finding that you have a social media presence can help draw them in. It may not be effective for every type of business, but if you are customer focused you may just want to give it a try.
  2. Create a video. People want to know who, not just what, the brand is. And, they want to know now. People like learning through visual stimuli. Use your video to create an experience for the customer/client. Highlight successes, don't sell; it's not a commercial.

So what's the next step? Let the world know. Use all of your outlets to promote these features. Post links on your website, send it in emails, create a Youtube page for your video(s). Remember, none of these strategies work if no one knows about them.

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