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Crumbling Infrastructure

More and more around the county we're seeing infrastructure crumble.  Whether it's bridges in Minneapolis, major water mains in and around Washington DC, or oil pipelines in Michigan it's abundantly clear that our sewers, bridges, and roads could use some upkeep dollars.  While the nation's infrastructure continues to age and breakdown the federal government has taken some steps which will aid the public, infrastructure owners, and environmental firms.

Under the Corrosion Prevention Act of 2009 (HR 3462)  tax credits are available for energy firms that comply with federal, state and local guidelines that surround corrosion.    This tax credit can be up to 50% and can be applied to materials, engineering design, or installation of new product.  With the tax credit available we expect to see a jump in the number of corrosion engineers and consultants as well as an increase in work for contractors familiar with pipeline work and other related fields.

At the oil spill in the Gulf has focused national attention on environmental issues and the potential peril posed by disasters and spills energy companies will be increasingly focused on their public image.  That can only be good for both environmental businesses and for the public at large.