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Taking Energy Efficiency to New Levels
The Exploratorium, a well-known science center in San Francisco, is giving new meaning to taking advantage of its surroundings. On April 17, a new center will open in the city’s Embarcadero area, a design and renovation process that took close to a ...
Feb 28, 2013
11:38:00 AM
California Increases its Energy Efficiency Standards
California continues to push its green design and sustainability agenda into new territory. As the GreenBiz blog published (which was a reprint of a blog entry written by Natural Resources Defense Council Staff Blog (NRDC)), the California Energy ...
Jun 8, 2012
7:57:00 AM
Study of MIT Buildings Suggests Additional Approaches to Energy Efficiency
Colleges and universities are notorious for inefficiency in energy use. A recent study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology of two MIT buildings can assist both other educational institutions and other types of facility owners in reducing energy ...
Apr 10, 2012
8:11:00 AM
HP's Cow-Powered Data Centers
Hewlett Packard has recently published a research paper on the feasibility of “cow-powered&r...
Aug 6, 2010
11:11:00 AM
Banks and Energy Retrofits
In an interesting development, the philanthropic arm of Deutsche Bank is financing the creation of a public database of retrofitted buildings in New York, which will in turnhelp create a companion report to determine the energy savings from these ...
Jun 9, 2010
11:00:00 AM
Boosting Local Energy Efficiency Projects
The White House’s Retrofit Ramp-Up program was announced yesterday, and it will pump $452 million into local communities to help make retrofits readily available to homeowners and businesses. 25 different communities around the country will receive ...
Apr 26, 2010
10:55:00 AM