Policy Forms

Professional Liability Policy Forms 

  • The most recent 2014 policy form is subject to state filing procedures.
  • The 2005 policy form is subject to state filing procedures. 
  • Most states and territories (except NY,VT, and SD): A Risk Mitigation Credit is offered to eligible policyholders of this new insuring agreement and provides the option of receiving a deductible credit of up to $25,000 if certain best practices are implemented
  • New York licensed professionals: Such as Architects, Engineers, Land Surveyors and Landscape Architects use The 2006 NY Free Trade Zone Insuring Agreement beginning with policies effective on or after September 1, 2006
  • New York non-licensed professionals: Such as Environmental Consultants and Specialty Construction Consultants, will continue to be written using our 1999 NY Insuring Agreement until further notice
  • Vermont: The 1999 Insuring Agreement is used in these and any other states not yet approving the 2005 agreement. (Except for NY and SD) 
  • South Dakota: Insuring Agreement
  • 1999 vs. 2005 A&E policy form comparison

Property/Casualty Policy Forms

The P/C program provides coverage on ISO Form. Special nationwide and State endorsements include:

All Other Policy Forms

Project Specific Coverage

Network Protection for Design Professionals 

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